Monday, February 27, 2012

Best & Worst Dressed: The Oscars 2012

Sadly I didn't get to watch any Oscars coverage or the ceremony at all yesterday since I was writing like a man woman on my masters thesis that was due today.  But two thumbs up for the first draft being turned in and moving into edit mode!  Also on the life changing school note, I'm officially all signed up to graduate on April 30 with my Master of Science degree!

But I did check out all the dresses online and I have my best and worst dressed list for you!


Octavia Spencer - she makes really smart and flattering choices, and I love her sense of classic style.  This dress was no exception and this photo really doesn't do it justice compared to some I saw.

Berenice Bejo - I'll admit, I'm a sucker for Elie Saab.  I don't think I've ever not liked one of her dresses.  But I picked this look before knowing it was Elie Saab (although I thought it might be).  The color is on trend with the pale look, but something different.  And the details are lovely.  I do think she could have revved up the accessories though, maybe just some more bold earrings.

Kristin Wiig - Most of the people I follow on Twitter apparently disagreed, but I actually like this look.  I think it's one of the more appropriate, flattering and classy choices she's made for public appearances, so maybe it's the improvement that's biasing me.  While the dress is pretty, the styling needed work.  One, the nail color is not good.  Two, the hair is odd to me.  Lastly, if you're going with a pale dress, give me some bold makeup.  She needed some lip color. 

Runners-up: Penelope Cruz, Michelle Williams and Jessica Chastain


Melissa Leo - This isn't the most terrible look of awards season, but it's just not very good.  The sequins actually look really cheap instead of glitzy.  The collar seems very matronly, the bow sash is not flattering and the slit is in an awkward location.  I like her shoes though.

Glenn Close - Honestly, if she would have just lost the dated suit jacket it probably would have been gorgeous.  But I just can't get past that jacket and the way she's got it pulled back in every photo.  Glenn, you're gorgeous and you've got curves I wish I had in my mid 20s, show it off!

Rose Byrne - Proportions got the best of this one.  It's just a bit strange how it sits on her, definitely not flattering. The shine of the sequins only draws attention to all the awkward spots too.  You should see the back of it too, just gets worse.  Especially the length.  Plus she's looking super thin these days.  It makes me sad her and Glenn Close are on this list, because I love them both in Damages.

Note: I definitely would have bumped Glenn Close to the runner up category if I could have found a usable photo of Sherri Shepherd, who would have won Worst Dressed hands-down.  Google it.  This is where I would say you're welcome, but instead I'm sorry.

Runners-up: Jennifer Lopez, Maya Rudolph, Stacy Keibler

All images from Pop Sugar.

Who made your best and worst list last night?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Best & Worst Dressed: Grammys

I heard that there was a lot of black and white on the red carpet of the Grammys last night in honor of Whitney Houston.  I don't know if some stars changed their look to be in one of those colors or not, but it definitely did seem to be a theme.  Overall, I thought this red carpet was pretty conservative, perhaps that was a nod of respect.  Nonetheless, there were some definite triumphs and cringes last night.

Best Dressed:

Who would have ever thought I'd have Paris Hilton on a best dressed list?  Not me!  But she looked really lovely in this gown.

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about Carrie Underwood's dress, but it really grew on me.  Everything is just right.  Doesn't she seem to be channeling a little Faith Hill?

I really liked this dress on Lily Aldridge.  She looked beautiful and it was something I think any pregnant woman would love to wear.  Or any woman probably.  I wish I could find a photo more from the front though, because I think it looks even better from that angle.

Worst Dressed:

The hands-down winner, Fergie.  The color alone was a poor choice to me, not only because I hate orange, but it just didn't flatter her skin tone at all.  Second, need I even comment on the actual style of the dress?  You're probably cringing too much right now to even read the comment anyhow.


Ok, wait.  Maybe I was a little over zealous to exclaim a winner in this category.  Because then you have Nicki Minaj.

Anne Vyalitsyna, model and Adam Levine's girlfriend, really showed off a little too much.  It's the red carpet, on tv.

All images sourced here.

What were your best and worst dressed looks from the Grammys?  I didn't get to watch the show since I'm desperately writing my thesis every spare moment I'm at home, but did you have a favorite performance?